Medical Need Programs

Life sciences companies are on a constant quest to develop new, innovative treatments that will make patients’ lives better and more comfortable. Our unique Carebytes Medical Need Program tool gives you the chance to introduce your new treatments easily and efficiently to the patient before there is a reimbursement approval.

Bringing innovative treatments to the market

The Carebytes MNP tool creates opportunities for your company and improves the daily lives of healthcare professionals and patients. Introduce your innovative treatments to the world and start helping patients today.

Quick implementation

Medical Need Programs are generally limited in time and therefore a quick implementation is crucial. By using the Carebytes MNP tool you can easily help patients to benefit sooner from innovative treatments.

Great tracking and monitoring

Logistical monitoring, as well as tracking and follow-up, go smoother than ever. The Carebytes MNP tool gives you a perfect view on what’s going on and what’s next.

Drive early market introduction

Lifechanging treatments can be introduced earlier. This allows Healthcare professionals to build up experience earlier but also allows patients to benefit earlier. That’s what healthcare is about: improving patients’ lives.

Easy supply management

Supplying treatments to patients has never been easier than with our MNP tool. The Carebytes MNP tool helps you monitor and control supplies at all time.

Integrated patient approval process

The Carebytes MNP tool allows enrollment, evaluation of the eligibility and approval of patients within the same platform. It is the perfect example of efficient collaboration between Healthcare professionals and the life sciences industry.

Compliant consent and document management

All your legal commitments in one place. Easy to manage and handy to keep an overview at all time.

Carebytes translates complex needs into a digital solution

Modern-day patient needs require out of the box thinking and extensive knowledge of the industry. With our years of expertise, Carebytes is the best fit to unroll digitalization in your company.

  • +15 years of experience in digital Healthcare solutions
  • Quick, easy and straightforward tools
  • Developed in collaboration with healthcare specialists
  • GDPR compliant

Our mission

Carebytes wants to improve patient care in all its facets by developing digital solutions for the life science industry. We strive to be digital caretakers who make a difference in the medical world.

Our digital solutions allow great insights into patient care and patient outcomes. We connect general practioners, specialists, psychologists, nurses and any other healthcare professionals if needed as well as the patients for a better monitoring and profound level of care.

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