Pharmacy sales

Carebytes OTC sales tool makes the sales process for over-the-counter products and the follow-up easier. It not only offers unique insights into your sales process, it also makes it simple as ABC for your sales representatives to add new appointments, generate sales and transfer orders to wholesalers to ensure a swift delivery to pharmacies.

Making pharmacy sales more efficient

Never in history was sales, CRM and supply chain management made so convenient than with the Carebytes OTC sales tool. OTC sales tool is the heart of your sales organisation. Know how much you sell, to who and discover sales opportunities. The list of perks is endless, but we are all for efficiency so we will keep it short.

Manage your clients and sales

The Carebytes OTC sales tool connects you with pharmacies and wholesalers. Orders are processed overnight and delivered to the pharmacy. Quick and easy.

Register orders in an easy and efficient way

Sales representatives can focus on what they need to do: sales. They can easily put in orders, add discounts, manage promotional actions and make sure that the pharmacy’s stock is filled up at all time

Schedule appointments

The Carebytes OTC sales tool makes it possible to plan ahead, take a look at the visitor’s log and plan new visits.

Gain insights in sales

There is no faster way to get a more complete overview of your sales. Even historical sales are available so that sales reps understand the true potential of their clients

Analyse team performance

The Carebytes OTC sales tool gives you a complete overview in a split second, allowing you to spot opportunities to become even more efficient.


Connect with wholesalers

The Carebytes OTC sales tool offers you a direct connection with wholesalers. It’s a great way to manage your supply chain.

Carebytes translates complex needs into a digital solution

Modern-day needs require out of the box thinking and extensive knowledge of the industry. With our years of expertise, Carebytes is the best fit to unroll digitalization in your company.

  • +15 years of experience in digital Healthcare solutions
  • Quick, easy and straightforward tools
  • Developed in collaboration with healthcare specialists
  • GDPR compliant

Our mission

We strive to be digital caretakers who make a difference in the medical world. With our OTC sales tool, we give you the opportunity to raise your game to the next level. You can say goodbye to complicated technology and welcome productivity, flexibility and overview.

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