Carebytes x BACHI: a match made in heaven

NEWS – 19 May 2022, the day BACHI introduced us during their general assembly as one of their newest supporting members. What a thrill! 

NEWS – 19 May 2022, the day BACHI introduced us during their general assembly as one of their newest supporting members. What a thrill! 

What is BACHI?

BACHI is the Belgian association of the industry of over-the-counter medicines and health products sold in pharmacies. In general, BACHI wants to empower patients by assuring the best possible care while also representing the interests of all its members. A noble cause we can only applaud.

Carebytes proud to be a supporting member

Just like BACHI, Carebytes puts patients first. We find ways to improve their care and by extension their lives. We’re proud to say we’re patient-centric and all our efforts go into making a difference for them. Making sure their care and lives improve by providing companies, pharmacies and healthcare professionals tools to simplify their day-to-day. Making it a whole lot easier to monitor patient care.

BACHI’s general assembly

In Espace del Goutte, a beautiful location in Ophain, we and 74 others gathered for BACHI’s general assembly of 2022. During their presentation, Carebytes was introduced as one of their newest associate members. A proud moment if we may say so.

Our OTC sales tool

We had the chance to meet other members and introduce Carebytes in all its aspects. After hearing our mission and the way we tackle real issues that sales representatives and companies face every single day, they saw how valuable our tools really are.

Who doesn’t want a CRM system that shows real-time sales data, makes selling easier, allows you to maintain your agenda and pursue your sales strategy?! Our OTC sales tool facilitates everything a sales representative needs to conduct sales and all in one user-friendly workspace.

It was a day full of opportunities as several companies showed their interest in our products.

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We’ll be back

In October 2022 BACHI organizes their fall Symposium and we’ll be there for sure. Will we see you there as well?

Carebytes tools: 6 frequently asked questions answered

We want to improve patient care in all its facets by developing actual solutions for the life science industry in the form of digital tools.

We strive to be digital caretakers who make a difference in the medical world. That’s our mission in a nutshell. We want to improve patient care in all its facets by developing actual solutions for the life science industry in the form of digital tools – PSP tool, MNP tool and OTC sales tool. Let’s take a look at the 6 most frequently asked questions about our tools

6 frequently asked questions about our digital healthcare solutions

The Carebytes Patient Support Program tool

Patient Support Program tool: 2 questions / 2 answers

First of all a small introduction to our Patient Support Program tool. The goal of this application is actually really simple: we want to ensure better patient monitoring to reduce patient dropouts. Patient care & therapy adherence are one of the biggest challenges within healthcare. With our PSP tool, we want to make a difference in the patient’s quality of life.

Can a patient be deactivated at their request?

Simply put, yes! Off course, a patient can be deactivated if they want to stop their treatment. But as the name of our tool indicates, that’s not what we hope for at all. With our Patient Support Program tool, we want to make therapy adherence as easy as humanly possible. The fewer difficulties the patient experiences during their therapy, the more likely they will feel to keep going.

But if the patient decides to leave the program, the healthcare professional in charge of this patient’s care can request the deactivation of the patient’s profile. This doesn’t mean all the patient’s records and reports will be gone. Not in the least, there just won’t be any more updates. Off course, we take into account all privacy regulations. You can be rest assured everything is GDPR compliant.

Can the family doctor access the patient’s reports?

Yes, he can. But only if he’s been added to the patient’s file. Afterwards, they’ll be notified by e-mail about the patient being part of the Patient Support Program and later on for every new report. This way they can also monitor the patient and their treatment with another healthcare professional, without needing to schedule appointments.

Medical Need Program tool: 2 questions / 2 answers

The Medical Need Program tools couldn’t stay behind. We realize how important these Early Access Programs such as MNP’s are for the pharmaceutical market and patients. Thanks to these programs they can benefit from the treatment even though it’s still waiting on reimbursement approval.

The Carebytes Medical Need Program tool

What is the difference between the portal and the core application?

There are two parts of our Medical Need Program tool: the portal and the core application. The difference between those two is all about the users.

The portal is for all the stakeholders within the hospital. This is not exclusively for a physician, but also other stakeholders (data nurses, hospital nurses, hospital pharmacists) who work at the hospital will get access to the portal.

The core application is there for the program team within a pharmaceutical company. We distinguished two different profiles: medical profiles and admin profiles. This to make the communication flow and roll out smoother.

Is it possible to upload documents to the tool?

Absolutely! You can upload for example the letter of agreement, the informed consent and other relevant documents. We also provide you with the necessary contact information. So, if you have any questions while using our tool, you can easily contact us. 

And there is more, you can also add useful links to the tool to create some welcome shortcuts.

The Carebytes OTC sales tool

Over the counter sales tool: 2 questions / 2 answers

Never in history was sales, CRM and supply chain management made so convenient as with the Carebytes OTC sales tool. Our OTC sales tool is the heart and soul of your sales organisation. Know how much you sell, to who and discover sales opportunities.

Is it possible for the sales manager to use the OTC sales tool to get a complete overview of the total sales of the last month?

Yes! We created different types of users. This way sales managers can overlook their team in total or sales representatives individual.

The sales reps however will have a bit more limited access to the tool. In concrete, this means they can’t see the sales results of their colleagues, only their own results. The OTC sales tool is their playground. It’s their arena.

Why would the OTC sales tool be the right fit for our company?

The Carebytes OTC sales tool is created so sales teams can raise their game. Our tool has many advantages, among them is the fact that it’s ridiculously intuitive and smart. All you need is gathered in one tool.

  • Add appointments
  • Register calls and visits
  • Place and follow-up orders
  • Manage pharmacies
  • Analyse sales
  • Plan ahead

To name only a few perks. In general, our OTC sales tool shows you opportunities the moment they occur. Your workflow will benefit tremendously thanks to this tool. 

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Digital health trends to consider

New digital trends and innovations dominate the way we will conduct healthcare in the future. We took a look at the most relevant innovation in healthcare today.

Digital transformation is an undeniable thing, and the healthcare industry has no choice but to follow. New digital trends and innovations dominate the way we will conduct healthcare in the future. We took a look at the most relevant innovation in healthcare today.

5 innovations in healthcare you better don’t ignore

Digital health trend 1: Digital patient communications

Digital communication is big in almost every industry and the healthcare industry is no exception. Some family doctors send your information immediately to your healthcare insurance. The patient doesn’t have to do anything at that point to get reimbursed. Also, pharmacies are starting to use digital communication tools to uplift their game. Classic pharmacies feel online competitors breathing down their necks. They have no other choice but to go with the digital flow. Some of them start using e-mailing to update regular clients about their prescriptions. Pharmaceutical companies could make a difference in this evolution. By facilitating this kind of communication innovations, they can become an even more important partner for their clients. That’s why we anticipate this need by developing user-friendly and straightforward tools for over the counter sales.

Digital health trend 2: Wearables

Wearables - a digital trend in healthcare

Wearables are a big hit in the world of digital healthcare. These little devices keep track of all sorts of medical information, just by being on your person. They are often used to measure someone’s temperature, blood pressure, physical movements, brain, skin, etc. The list goes on and on.

Thanks to these wearables healthcare professionals get accurate data about their patients. If there are any irregularities, the device will have a record of them. It makes it that much easier for healthcare professionals to follow up with their patients more accurately. They can rely on actual data, which is a huge step forward in patient care. An elderly person with a deviation in their movement could set off some alarm bells.

Digital health trend 3: CRM and automation

A well-performing CRM system and automation are no longer a luxury. Every pharmaceutical sales representative should have a well-oiled CRM platform at their disposal. This makes their job a thousand times easier and they can manage their time more efficiently. Imagine for example your OTC sales representatives have a platform where they can manage all their clients, all their appointments and all the orders. Imagine a dashboard that shows the sales results in real-time. In the past, this only existed in our imagination, but today there is the Carebytes OTC sales tool.

Our OTC sales tool was developed as an answer to certain issues that almost every sales team faces. By bringing everything together in one user-friendly application you save precious time and you can focus on generating sales.

Digital health trend 4: Digital patient monitoring

Patient dropouts have always been a problem within healthcare. For as long as we can remember people try to reduce the chance of patient dropouts. The same goes for Carebytes. Thanks to our years of experience in the life sciences industry, we were able to create a tool specifically to change patient care for the better. We used our knowledge of the challenges healthcare professionals and patients face every day, to develop a solution.

This digital innovation makes working with third service party providers that much easier and compliant.

Digital patient monitoring - a digital trend in healthcare

Digital health trend 5: AI in healthcare

Over the last few years, healthcare systems all around the world were under immense pressure. AI is increasingly seen as a possible and valid solution in order to relieve healthcare professionals from some of that pressure.

AI - a digital trend in healthcare

Artificial Intelligence could assist in more than one way to achieve this goal. For example, AI could play an important role in the development of new treatments or devices. It could speed up the process enormously.

But Artificial Intelligence could also have other perks. It could for instance help in diagnosing certain types of illnesses. An AI can recognize different types of diseases. In London, AI is already been used by Dr. Pearse Keane. They developed AI’s which can identify over 50 different eye diseases correctly.

By using AI to our advantage, patient care improves and healthcare professionals have more time for other patients without ‘neglecting’ others.

Data is gold!

There is no doubt about it: data is gold! Gathering data and using it properly enhances patient care and healthcare efficiency immensely. Digital healthcare is more than just some statistics. It’s connecting the dots between all your stakeholders: patients, doctors and third party service providers.

The Carebytes solutions

A fresh of fresh air, that’s what we want to bring to the life sciences industry and patient care in general. Our solutions respond directly to the current and future digital trends within healthcare.

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The ever-changing OTC market and how to master it

Nothing ever stays the same in healthcare. The same goes for the over the counter market – also known as “consumer healthcare”. And a good thing it changes.

Nothing ever stays the same in healthcare. The same goes for the over the counter market – also known as “consumer healthcare”. And a good thing it changes. Every improvement within healthcare is a win for everyone. We take a look at the over-the-counter market and the evolution it is going through and how you, your sales representatives and the company, in general, can master the art of OTC sales rather than survive in the wild sea that is the over the counter market.

The OTC market goes digital

Just like every other industry in the world, digitalisation is a factor we just can’t and shouldn’t deny. Most people may not like change, but if Covid-19 taught us anything, it is that we are willing to go digital all the way. Digitalisation within healthcare was already happening, but Covid-19 accelerated the process a lot.

In the past few years, digital retail also became a thing in pharmacy. Over the counter products are not just something you buy in the local pharmacy. Nowadays, you can easily order your prescription free medication online. The countries that dominate the online OTC market in Europe are Germany and the United Kingdom. But who says others just leave it at that?

Over the counter market and how the Carebytes OTC sales tool empowers your sales team.

The Belgian consumer health market is worth €2,6 billion and these are the top 10 best sold OTC product classes:

  1. General pain relief
  2. Cold remedies
  3. Cough products
  4. Sore throat remedies
  5. Laxatives
  6. Eyecare
  7. Specific vitamins
  8. Muscular pain relief
  9. Wound and skin disinfection
  10. Milk products for children

OTC sales done right: 3 tips

The competition in the over the counter market is vicious. Your sales team needs to be at its best, to say the least. Your team and their knowledge are one thing, but you need more if you want to dominate the OTC market, rather than just survive in this complex world. 

Throughout the years Carebytes gained a lot of experience in the life sciences industry. We experienced the obstacles the market presents first-hand. We know the ins and outs of a sales team and we realise where it sometimes itches.

However, there are ways to improve your OTC sales team’s productivity, uplift your sales results and maintain a better connection with your pharmacies. Let’s take a look…

#1 Visible and real-time sales data

Our first tip is already double-layered: visibility on the level of the sales representative and the team leader.

First things first, visibility on the level of the sales rep. By showing your sales representatives their own sales results, they will get more motivated altogether. They know their target, they know what is expected from them. By showing them their real-time sales numbers, they can monitor their own results more easily and rethink their sales strategy if necessary. It’s easier to notice little shifts in the results.

On the other hand, there are the perks of having real-time data of your sales representatives for the team leader. Real-time data grants you an overview in a split second. It simplifies your job beyond imagination. Forget gathering data from 10 or more different sources. Never mind the endless looking through an Excel file. Coaching your OTC sales representatives becomes so much easier, thanks to a complete KPI overview. Real-time data saves you tuns of time, every day.

#2 Connect distributors & digitalize your sales

A great CRM platform allows you to keep all information up to date. All client’s info is gathered in one place, easily accessible and reliable. It boosts efficiency right away.

There are some specific benefits to a CRM system that empower your OTC sales:

  • Smooth clients follow up
  • Detailed data
  • Manage agenda’s
  • Advanced sales reports 

Basically, a CRM platform will save you time in the end.

#3 The art of giving feedback

Everyone is different and therefore everyone benefits from a different coaching method. As a team leader, it’s important to acknowledge that giving feedback is an art.

In general, there are four different types of people:

  • Dominant
    These people make decisions quickly, aren’t afraid of risks, don’t avoid conflicts, like a little competition and dare to set their own rules.
  • Influencing
    Influencers value new connections and are really good at establishing them. They find it easy to express their feelings, they enjoy the spotlight and form a bridge with others.
  • Steady
    The listeners of the group. They try to understand and try to be supportive. Keeping everybody happy is very important to them.
  • Cautious
    These people plan things to the very last detail. They set the bar high for themselves and are very analytical.
The four different types of people

You notice immediately that every one of these types requires a different approach. Always remember, people love receiving constructive feedback.

Our solution? Our OTC sales tool

Combine your individual coaching strategy with real-time sales data and a CRM system and you have a winner. That’s exactly what the Carebytes OTC sales tool is. Our OTC sales tool facilitates everything you need to conduct sales and this in one workspace. Your sales representatives can easily manage their clients and agenda. In only a few clicks they add new appointments, place new orders, follow up on communication and much more.

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