Carebytes x BACHI: a match made in heaven

NEWS – 19 May 2022, the day BACHI introduced us during their general assembly as one of their newest supporting members. What a thrill! 

What is BACHI?

BACHI is the Belgian association of the industry of over-the-counter medicines and health products sold in pharmacies. In general, BACHI wants to empower patients by assuring the best possible care while also representing the interests of all its members. A noble cause we can only applaud.

Carebytes proud to be a supporting member

Just like BACHI, Carebytes puts patients first. We find ways to improve their care and by extension their lives. We’re proud to say we’re patient-centric and all our efforts go into making a difference for them. Making sure their care and lives improve by providing companies, pharmacies and healthcare professionals tools to simplify their day-to-day. Making it a whole lot easier to monitor patient care.

BACHI’s general assembly

In Espace del Goutte, a beautiful location in Ophain, we and 74 others gathered for BACHI’s general assembly of 2022. During their presentation, Carebytes was introduced as one of their newest associate members. A proud moment if we may say so.

Our OTC sales tool

We had the chance to meet other members and introduce Carebytes in all its aspects. After hearing our mission and the way we tackle real issues that sales representatives and companies face every single day, they saw how valuable our tools really are.

Who doesn’t want a CRM system that shows real-time sales data, makes selling easier, allows you to maintain your agenda and pursue your sales strategy?! Our OTC sales tool facilitates everything a sales representative needs to conduct sales and all in one user-friendly workspace.

It was a day full of opportunities as several companies showed their interest in our products.

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We’ll be back

In October 2022 BACHI organizes their fall Symposium and we’ll be there for sure. Will we see you there as well?

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