Carebytes tools: 6 frequently asked questions answered

We strive to be digital caretakers who make a difference in the medical world. That’s our mission in a nutshell. We want to improve patient care in all its facets by developing actual solutions for the life science industry in the form of digital tools – PSP tool, MNP tool and OTC sales tool. Let’s take a look at the 6 most frequently asked questions about our tools

6 frequently asked questions about our digital healthcare solutions

The Carebytes Patient Support Program tool

Patient Support Program tool: 2 questions / 2 answers

First of all a small introduction to our Patient Support Program tool. The goal of this application is actually really simple: we want to ensure better patient monitoring to reduce patient dropouts. Patient care & therapy adherence are one of the biggest challenges within healthcare. With our PSP tool, we want to make a difference in the patient’s quality of life.

Can a patient be deactivated at their request?

Simply put, yes! Off course, a patient can be deactivated if they want to stop their treatment. But as the name of our tool indicates, that’s not what we hope for at all. With our Patient Support Program tool, we want to make therapy adherence as easy as humanly possible. The fewer difficulties the patient experiences during their therapy, the more likely they will feel to keep going.

But if the patient decides to leave the program, the healthcare professional in charge of this patient’s care can request the deactivation of the patient’s profile. This doesn’t mean all the patient’s records and reports will be gone. Not in the least, there just won’t be any more updates. Off course, we take into account all privacy regulations. You can be rest assured everything is GDPR compliant.

Can the family doctor access the patient’s reports?

Yes, he can. But only if he’s been added to the patient’s file. Afterwards, they’ll be notified by e-mail about the patient being part of the Patient Support Program and later on for every new report. This way they can also monitor the patient and their treatment with another healthcare professional, without needing to schedule appointments.

Medical Need Program tool: 2 questions / 2 answers

The Medical Need Program tools couldn’t stay behind. We realize how important these Early Access Programs such as MNP’s are for the pharmaceutical market and patients. Thanks to these programs they can benefit from the treatment even though it’s still waiting on reimbursement approval.

The Carebytes Medical Need Program tool

What is the difference between the portal and the core application?

There are two parts of our Medical Need Program tool: the portal and the core application. The difference between those two is all about the users.

The portal is for all the stakeholders within the hospital. This is not exclusively for a physician, but also other stakeholders (data nurses, hospital nurses, hospital pharmacists) who work at the hospital will get access to the portal.

The core application is there for the program team within a pharmaceutical company. We distinguished two different profiles: medical profiles and admin profiles. This to make the communication flow and roll out smoother.

Is it possible to upload documents to the tool?

Absolutely! You can upload for example the letter of agreement, the informed consent and other relevant documents. We also provide you with the necessary contact information. So, if you have any questions while using our tool, you can easily contact us. 

And there is more, you can also add useful links to the tool to create some welcome shortcuts.

The Carebytes OTC sales tool

Over the counter sales tool: 2 questions / 2 answers

Never in history was sales, CRM and supply chain management made so convenient as with the Carebytes OTC sales tool. Our OTC sales tool is the heart and soul of your sales organisation. Know how much you sell, to who and discover sales opportunities.

Is it possible for the sales manager to use the OTC sales tool to get a complete overview of the total sales of the last month?

Yes! We created different types of users. This way sales managers can overlook their team in total or sales representatives individual.

The sales reps however will have a bit more limited access to the tool. In concrete, this means they can’t see the sales results of their colleagues, only their own results. The OTC sales tool is their playground. It’s their arena.

Why would the OTC sales tool be the right fit for our company?

The Carebytes OTC sales tool is created so sales teams can raise their game. Our tool has many advantages, among them is the fact that it’s ridiculously intuitive and smart. All you need is gathered in one tool.

  • Add appointments
  • Register calls and visits
  • Place and follow-up orders
  • Manage pharmacies
  • Analyse sales
  • Plan ahead

To name only a few perks. In general, our OTC sales tool shows you opportunities the moment they occur. Your workflow will benefit tremendously thanks to this tool. 

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